4 Ways To Help You Sell More Weddings in Challenging Times

Booking More Weddings At Your Venue, Growing Your Revenue & Profit

Booking More Weddings At Your Venue, Growing Your Revenue & Profit

First up, let’s have a reality check here. This past year or more has been a tough selling environment. Wedding sales and bookings have been down.

Endless twists and turns in the wider world having major impacts on all areas of life and business. For most in the wedding sector, this has seen some kind of downturn in anticipated sales and bookingsFACT.

Uplevel to secure more wedding venue bookings

However, the smart moves are being made by those who are adapting and uplevelling their wedding venue sales processes to match the challenging environment.

If you were there during the 2008-2009 recession (hands up here!) and you survived and then thrived then you’ll know this.  If you weren’t (and it was while ago!), here are 4 Things To Help You Sell More Weddings In Challenging Times.

Focus on wedding value and experience over price

Acknowledge that in challenging economic times, your focus needs to shift to demonstrating your value over your price. Whilst couples are savvier with their budget and are price conscious, they will still spend. It’s about whether and how they perceive the value of what you’re offering

This is where tip top service comes in and how you make couples feel.  If they really can’t see how you’re better than the venue £2000 cheaper then they will book them and not you; your role is to showcase the value and experience they get with you.

woman holding gift to secure more wedding bookings

Ask great questions of your wedding couple

Get good at asking really great questions.  Why? Because this means you can understand that particular couples’ dreams and desires for their wedding. Also their painpoints, challenges and worries.

We buy either when somebody essentially solves a big painful problem for us or when our desires are met.  The more that you can uncover here, the more you can meet and match those areas showing that you have them covered!  

Help on creating your killer questions is covered in my online Sales Success Accelerator training programme for venues.

Know your wedding venue and wedding team strengths and focus on them 

Double down on what you know you do brilliantly and better than your close competitors. Now I NEVER suggest criticizing your competitors. Keep it professional and focused on all the benefits and unique things you have but really think about highlighting some of those areas that you know you’re strong in and perhaps others are not.

luxury wedding tablescape to help book more weddings

Tackle the wedding budget question 

Hone your intuition and empathy skills.  If you get the impression and your instinct tells you that budget is a concern for a couple, don’t be afraid to ask the question and have the conversation, showing empathy and understanding. 

Be open to working things through – how can you make this possible with compromise from them or another way of viewing it? How can you help them allocate their budget to make it happen at your venue?

one pound coins denoting wedding venue sales

Need to sell more weddings? 

Come and refresh your entire process with the help of my Sales Success Accelerator, Online training course.  It’s a new 5 module video training course that you and your team can study in your own time, at your own pace, individually or as a team to help you sell more weddings in challenging times.

A powerful and practical training! Covering best practice and tried and tested strategies and tips to help you excel at each step of the wedding client sales journey from enquiry handling, communication and ghosting to showrounds and viewings, to asking for and converting the enquiry into booking.

And for private and in-person trainings let’s have a conversation and design something together. You can book in for a call here.

Kelly is an events industry professional of 25 years having previously planned weddings (often 6-figure) for over 150 discerning global couples. 

A Wedding Venue Business Consultant to many of the UK’s finest Stately Homes, private houses and diversified farms, Kelly supports land and property owners to thrive by generating sustainable profit from hosting weddings.

A live-long learner and personal development devotee, she’s also a Master Coach & Success Coach to high-achievers.

Being endlessly curious about the power of the mind and neuroscience, she’s passionate about unlocking, unblocking and championing the potential of her fellow bold business-leader clients.


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