Venue Expert and High-End Customer Experience ConsultantTo Support Your Growth Goals

Experience is Key. People are at the heart of every great experience.

For businesses who value their customers and their teams.For leaders & business founders.

I love nothing more than supporting others to experience life and business on their terms and specialise in helping businesses create the ultimate customer experience for commercial success.In Business and In Life.

I’m a venue expert supporting property and landowners with making sustainable profit from their land, often in the wedding and events industry.

I’m also a high-end customer experience consultant working with business leaders across a range of sectors to create and fine tune true customer experience for results. 

Who Do I Work With?

Kelly Chandler Wedding Venue Consultant

Who do I work with?

  • Action-takers and high achievers
  • High-end businesses who value customer experience
  • Companies and their teams on how to deploy high end customer experience
  • Brave custodians and preservers of heritage property
  • Ambitious leaders of exclusive and characterful wedding venues
  • Resourceful farm and landowners protecting and securing their futures
  • Diversified revenue creators
  • Wedding and event sales growth seekers
  • Luxury holiday lettings providers
  • Luxury brands with a focus on customer experience
  • Travel companies from accommodation to concierge & travel services

Customer Experience Consultancy

We are in an experience economy, where brand loyalty and experience is more important than ever. Using the Chandler 3 phase AID Methodology (Analysis, Ideas, Deployment), we can help:

  • Conduct customer experience reviews for your business
  • Map your end to end customer journey
  • Design and develop brand strategy for your high end customers
  • Optimise current and future sales & revenue performance
  • Marketing & Pricing

“Happy Customers Spend More”– And your happy customers start with your staff.

Our global experience includes:

  • Turning your staff into brand ambassadors
  • Develop training content
  • Delivery of Staff training
  • Mentoring & Coaching
  • Conducting innovation workshops


From Our Clients


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