Wedding Industry Business Insights 2024The ‘Off-Market’ Insight Report

into the Business of Weddings and Wedding Venues

Is it for me?

This business report is for you if you’re considering hosting weddings in your property or on your land or if you’re in the early years of running your wedding venue or host location.
  • You might be a farming family diversifying use of land and property assets.
  • You may be an investor looking at taking on a unique place and space and creating a wedding location.
  • You may also be an established wedding venue looking to change your business model or with a different leadership team looking to modernise and make substantial changes for growth.

What is this wedding industry report?

Written and published in November 2023 it’s an up to the minute ‘under the hood’ independent industry report into what the wedding sector is doing and what opportunities exist for you within it.

Most of the insights are UK focused and based, but in almost all topics, applicable to other parts of the world.

It’s designed to helpyou:

  • Get under the skin of the industry and help decide if this is a diversification for you

  • Plan out your strategy for the next 3-5 years with a combination of data and proven industry knowledge

  • Find your place in the market, understand your exact offering to meet up-to-the minute customer demands

  • Fine-tune your marketing/promotion planning

  • Establish or uplevel your sales processes to stand out and shine

  • Have the best industry insight & knowledge to support you in making growth and diversification decisions

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Why have I created this wedding report now?

In my private work as a commissioned specialist venue consultant, I’m constantly asked the following questions:

  • What's the best business model?

  • What does the customer need and how do we package it?

  • How do we reach/market to wedding couples?

  • How do we operate and plan our team?

  • What will weddings look like in 5 years time?

After more than 9 years of supporting clients privately,I felt it time to make that insight more accessible and more available to a wider audience.

Hence Business Insights was launched for the first time in late 2022 as a stand-alone advice resource that YOU can take straight into your business today and for the coming year.  Is has been fully updated, renewed and brought right up to date in November 2023 for 2024. 

's Business Insights 2024
  • Deep Insight

    This 95-page beautifully designed digital report is my “boots on the ground” experience of working on the inside of over 100 diverse British wedding venues or venues that host weddings. It’s evidence from deep, long-term and detailed consultancy and insight.

  • Long-term success strategies

    It’s detailed experience of successful marketing and sales strategies, industry peculiarities, customer psychology and growth opportunities. It focuses on business-related long-term success strategies, with a nod to but not a focus on, shorter-term creative-trend elements. 

  • How it helps you

    It’s your guide to support you in early stages determine if wedding venue ownership or management is the path for you. It's your guide in creating early stage business plans. It's your guide for creating, reviewing, improving and up-levelling your overall wedding offering in the early years. 

What's the Investment?

The report is available to you for a one-time purchase of £225 plus VAT.

The fully designed 95-page PDF report is yours to download, save, print off (and scribble notes on if that works for you).

It's yours to use in your business straight away and over the coming months, year and beyond.

Bigger team?

It is intended for use for a single venue with up to 5 in-house team members having access to the report contents. If you are a larger team, have multi venues and sites, then the report can be available via a Corporate rate – please get in touch.

Interested in Private Consulting?

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