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Kelly Chandler provides bespoke coaching for business owners, business leaders, action-takers and ambitious go-getters.

My clients already lead and are hands-on in their service-based businesses. They are tenacious, persistent high-achievers, even if they may not describe themselves as that … yet.

I utilise a mixture of consulting, coaching, mentoring and cheerleading to support you to create more impact and achieve more life and business contentment on your terms.

Usually appointed with a business focus or goal in mind, support is holistic and for the all round individual. We look beyond symptoms or challenges that present in business strategy to the deeper elements of the person behind the enterprise, applying neuroscience and mental mastery techniques to affect lasting transformation.

PROVEN RESULTSBusiness Founder & Owner

At the end of last year and the beginning of this year, I felt total lost. I had lost my drive and my motivation and I didn't know where I fitted into my business anymore. I had stepped back from the "front of house" and just didn't know who I was anymore.

After a difficult few years I just felt rung out and that's when Kelly's email popped into my inbox and it felt like the fates were talking to me. I thought at this stage I had nothing to lose and needed to take a jump to get out of this funk.

My time with Kelly has completely and utterly changed my life! Running a small business can be such a lonely place and having Kelly there as my cheerleader, confidante and support has given me huge confidence to really push myself and realise that I'm actually doing ok and sometimes I just need to have a bit of faith in my decisions and go with my gut. I feel stronger, more assured and just a better more focused version of myself.

I'm now into my second stage of coaching and I just couldn't imagine not having Kelly in my life now. When you're husband says "Kelly has been so good for you, I think your sessions with her are so important" you know that something is working.

What Kelly Chandler helps with:

  • Going up a gear in business at a time of major life or environment change (i.e. children going to school, adult children leaving home, elderly parents no longer around)
  • Reshaping business to achieve better life blend
  • Redesigning your life & finding your zest when the model of “trading time for money” no longer serves you
  • Recognising and gaining confidence in your value, raising your rates and profit margins

Getting Out of Your Own Way by Kelly Chandler

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Understanding the neuroscience behind growth, common blockers and how to overcome those blockers to success.

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