6-month consulting programme for established wedding venues

Grow your enquiries, convert more wedding bookings, increase your wedding turnover and exceed your goals

You know you’ve got a great wedding location, but you’re not getting enough weddings through.

  • Are you disappointed by your current wedding diary?
  • Are you receiving less enquiries, less conversions and less wedding sales?
  • You’re aware you’ve slipped behind and you want to put your venue back in its rightful place.
  • Do you want to fire-up your team and re-energise them with a massive confidence & knowledge boost and a clear strategy for growth?

Throw open the doors

When you recognise that change is needed and open the doors to let in new possibility, then magical things happen – they have for our other venue clients. They were once lacking confidence in their product, unsure of how to attract the right bookings for them by embracing new techniques whilst still holding their values and heritage strong, yet stuck in a treadmill of unfulfilling and insufficient bookings.

expert focus

With dedicated time and guided expertise to focus, open up and examine current ways of working, it’s amazing how new and improved ideas come to the fore, leaving you and your team bursting with energy, renewed confidence and practical know-how. Everyone can now see the bounce in the step of each of the team members of our client venues; professionals proud of their wedding offering combined with the huge financial successes to the bottom line that new weddings have brought.


From Our Clients

Programme Details

Programme Details




My team and I work in a bespoke way with yours to achieve YOUR best results.

Together we’ll focus on increasing your bottom line by booking more and/or higher end, quality weddings at your venue, keeping your individual goals always in mind.

With fresh, expert eyes carefully highlighting and working with your unique venue features, refining in detail what you already do well, updating you on modern techniques and business strategies that are a good fit for you so that you can attract your ideal couples.

We look at new ways of putting your best foot forward to make your venue shine brightly, guiding you and holding you accountable as you implement and start to see results.



Are we a match?

Kelly Chandler Business Consultant for Wedding Venues

Book a call

Do get in touch to schedule an initial Discovery Call where we can learn more about where you’re at and looking to get to with your wedding venue, place or space.

Time for change

The adage goes ‘if you always do what you always did, you’ll always get what you always got’ or more likely less. You’ll receive a bigger workload, less rewards, unhappy team members, poor staff retention and likely a dwindling wedding reputation. You and your special location deserve much better than that. The wedding market is an incredibly fast-paced one yet a very worthwhile industry to be a leading light in. We can help you set new inspiring standards that you’re proud to spearhead.

Kelly Chandler Wedding Business Coach

get incontact

Do get in touch  on 01483 282 858 or enquiries@kellychandlerconsulting.co.uk to schedule an initial conversation about our ‘Refine & Shine’ service and how it can help you and your team hit your wedding sales goals.




A clear strategy

a do-able & exciting action-plan with fresh tried and tested ideas to elevate your venue’s offering designed to attract and convert those spot-on wedding bookings


Empower your team

with confidence in their step, your team will take positive action in all of their communications knowing that sales success is in sight


Valuable connections

we’ll open doors for you to fresh business opportunity in the wedding world, resulting in more absolutely ideal weddings heading your way with greater ease



guidance & accountability as you implement and make change so that you keep taking the steps to see the success you want

How It WorksRefine & Shine – 6 month programme

Before booking

Clarity Assessment

An initial assessment to understand your venue’s background and story, short and long term aims and what you’re looking to get from the service.

Upon booking

Preparation and Exploration

Upon confirmation we ask you to spend time on our ‘Wedding Exploration Q&A’ in preparation for the in-person session which gets you really focussed on your current offering and planning towards change. We do our deep-dive preparation too of course, thoroughly reviewing all of your materials and assets for the session so we make the very best use of our time together.


The “Let’s Dive In’ face to face session

A very thorough action-packed day with you and your team at your venue.

Here we open up all aspects of your offering for review and refinement. This is usually a 6-hour in-person session (but can be longer if we feel it’s needed) and the more you open up to us and let us into your wedding business, the more we can help.

Sessions are bespoke but generally include:

Review of venue facilities & operational layout with advice on any suggested adjustments/additions, renovations and physical improvements to ensure relevance to the modern bridal market.

Review of the potential client showround/viewing process with suggested improvements to increase conversions

Review of existing wedding materials and detailed feedback on improvements to include website, electronic and/or printed brochure, initial enquiry presentation and follow up contact to ensure its all presenting your venue in the best light and helping you improve sales results

Review of client sales journey process from enquiry to sign up including showround process to analyse its effectiveness, with suggestions for increasing conversion rates at every step

Review of marketing strategy/promotional budget spending and suggested revisions including social media review to ensure this is delivering and obtaining the right return on investment for you

Review of wedding packaging, pricing and presentation to make sure it’s appealing to your target client, in line with market expectation and compelling bridal customers to book

Review of your recommended supplier list and advice on matching to your offering, introductions to fresh, spot-on suppliers to enhance your team, increase your reach and help to drive more wedding business.


The follow- up report (delivered approximately 2 weeks after the “Let’s Dive In” session) is an extension of our conversation, the result of our findings from the session and our follow up consideration. This goes into detail upon our recommendations for best serving the modern market and making your venue shine brightly, with immediate priorities for action clearly highlighted. When we’re in, we’re in and we fully open up our considerable industry contacts and connections to you, making relevant introductions to specialists to further develop and help if and where needed.


Follow up sessions

To check how progress is going, assist with any challenges, give more advice and refine next priorities. This helps you and your team to keep taking consistent action and gives a strong framework for accountability and ultimately for doing the work that will see the results.

video / phoneSESSIONS

- 5 x 1-hour Zoom sessions scheduled approximately once per month over the course of the 6-month programme with pre-session questionnaires to ensure you make maximum impact & progress from these sessions

Voicenote support is available for speedy feedback in between follow-up sessions.


£6,250(plus VAT & travel expenses)

NOTE ON Travel and Accommodation
There is an element of travel cost included for all Refine & Shine programmes.
We waive travel costs for the first journey within a 90-minute radius of the consultants’ base.
Subsequent journeys are chargeable, as is accommodation where it’s needed.
We aim to keep costs here to a minimum and will give an estimate at the start of each project.



Kelly Chandler Wedding Venue Expert and Consultant
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Take Action

Regular clients of ours have reported an uplift of 20 bookings per year (some more) over the past 2 years we’ve consulted for them, the investment paying for itself time and time again.

Let’s talk about how you can obtain the same sort of impressive results