Reviewing your showround processes

21 October 2019

Consulting, Wedding Venue Sales, Wedding venue show round

Consulting, Wedding Venue Sales, Wedding venue show round

There’s nothing like seeing a venue in person and we are finding that couples are being much more conscientious when making decisions on who they view and are really only serious on viewing once they have shortlisted their favourite ‘2 or 3’ with the aim to then book and secure their place quickly.

When you’ve done all the hard work to attract their enquiry and then get them to commit to a showround you want to make sure you really shine and stand the best chance of converting their business and saying yes to your wedding venue.  Here are our simple but effective tips to check that your venue’s wedding show round is matching up:

There is no rush 

Give couples the time they deserve to absorb everything about you as a venue. You work in your venue each day so some of the magic of the first view of such a space is lost. Avoid conducting the showround with speed, this doesn’t always allow the couple an opportunity to stand and really appreciate who you are, allowing them time to digest and at the end ask the relevant questions.

Kelly Chandler meeting prospective bride client

The story 

It may sound obvious, but be sure to point out not just the key areas and what they are used for in a logistical sense (although this is really important) but you need to bring things to life with showing them how the spaces can look and feel. Point out key historical and precious features that are amazing for them to know about and potentially to dress or take photos in front of.  Keep the history short and factual but interesting.  We all love a bit of info on famous guests or quirky happenings and humour so try to inject this.

Making the most of your outstanding photographic features

Every wedding cares about photos – so where in your venue is an obvious backdrop or amazing feature? Make sure you highlight this at each and every showround. Seek your professional photographer’s opinions on where they like to shoot best as they are the ones who eat, breath and sleep your venue and share this knowledge with your audiences.

Luxury outdoor wedding with bride and groom | Kelly Chandler Consulting

Bring it to life 

The iPad is the tool to bring your venue to life. In the case of many of your spaces, they will not be set for wedding ceremonies or dinners when couples visit so bring your iPad or tablet round on the tour to showcase your spaces with alternative room setups demonstrating how versatile your areas can be and more importantly to help couples visualise where their day could take place.

Plan your route beforehand so you can take them on a logical journey from space to space (from wedding ceremony to drinks reception to evening party) it can be really helpful to move as the wedding guests will on the day and help your couples to feel at home in your space and see how it will work for them.

iPad with wedding website | Kelly Chandler Consulting

And finally – enjoy and smile –  this goes a long way to building rapport with your couples and making your places and spaces friendly, welcoming and warm.

If you’re an established venue and you’d like to breathe some new life into your showround process, let’s have a chat about how my ‘Refine and Shine’ programme can help you.

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