Wedding Venue Virtual Showrounds – Your ‘How to’ Guide to New Wedding Bookings

25 May 2020

Consulting, Wedding venue marketing, Wedding Venue Sales, Wedding venue show round

Consulting, Wedding venue marketing, Wedding Venue Sales, Wedding venue show round

The showround or venue visit has long been a vital part of the sales process for securing new wedding business. Coronavirus implications have turned the world on its head and wedding venue businesses, who have their doors closed, are finding new and adapted ways to look after and serve their clients and build again for the all-important future that will ease some of the financial burden of a very difficult 2020. 

And so, virtual wedding venue showrounds have been born…

I strongly believe this is not just a temporary fix. The virtual showround is here to stay as an effective method of showcasing your venue and its possibilities to new millennial, time short and tech-savvy wedding couples.

Some of my private clients are achieving amazing results applying these tips. Some have reported “on the spot” bookings. Others have reported booking levels almost equal to when doors were open and others certainly experiencing better conversion levels.

I don’t think overall that the virtual showround is a replacement for the full experience of visiting a venue (after all you can’t truly bring all that your special space has to life on screen). However, it is an offering that if done well, can be a highly effective part of the whole customer journey. 

This vlog session I’ve created shares my advice and tips, as a wedding venue consultant, on making your wedding venue’s virtual showrounds appealing and as successful as possible to get new wedding enquiries converting to sales.

Whether you’re new to virtual showrounds (and haven’t dipped your toe in yet) or whether you’re testing them currently (but want to ensure yours is as good as it can be) then this vlog is for you. 

You might want to pour yourself a cuppa mind you, as the vlog is 35 minutes long. But, it’s packed full of juicy advice that you can go and implement straight away.

Here’s what I cover in this wedding venue sales vlog and how it will help fill new wedding dates 

What is a virtual showround exactly? 

Why it is important right now? 

How do you prepare and deliver your virtual showround? The nitty gritty and the nuts and bolts! 

How do you actually convert the wedding sale? 

Benefit of the virtual showround and why I think it’s here to stay. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed this training about virtual showrounds and how to get new wedding bookings. Here’s how you can access more expert trainings

New Membership Programme from Kelly Chandler Consulting 

If you’d like to join an intimate group of dedicated wedding venues in my inner circle you may like to know that I’ve created a monthly membership programme to help us all navigate these times.

For a pay as you go £60 + VAT per month membership, you can gain plenty of tailored group support from me, trainings and up to the minute advice. You can find details of how to join Wedding Venues Rebuilding. HERE.

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