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Booking More Weddings At Your Venue, Marketing Your Wedding Venue

Booking More Weddings At Your Venue, Marketing Your Wedding Venue

This week’s blog is about the importance of personalisation at each and every wedding.

Although most brides like to take control of what is offered to their guests (or at least like to feel they do,) there is always a point in their planning process they will crave some innovative inspiration and ideas from the people who are in the know.

Pine cone place setting bride and groom | Kelly Chandler Consulting

This year we will find couples wanting to make as many elements of their wedding experience interactive and personal. The desire to warm each and every one of their guests hearts with a lasting memory of their special day that for all, will resonate and never leave them.

A venue that offers their weddings a unique and personal experience at little ease and cost will be extremely clever. Something competitors aren’t doing and something brides will be on the look-out for this 2018.

Small steps every day quote | Kelly Chandler Consulting

We would like to share some ‘quick-win,’ cost-effective personalisation tips, that are operationally plausible, to be part of your wedding venue’s ’toolkit’ this 2018:

A Personalised Drink station

2017 saw the hype of the ‘Pimp Your Own’ drinks stations and 2018 is set to be another year that this will be big. With the purchase of 1 or 2 bespoke, simple and generic signs from the likes of www.etsy.com and the purchase of a few glass props and vintage tables from your local charity shop,  a decorative station is born!

Personalised wedding drinking station | Kelly Chandler Consulting

This effective and simple addition can be customised to every wedding determined by their ‘favourite tipple’ and a great way to ignite a talking point amongst guests.  Shots of the Grooms favourite craft beer or a pitcher of the brides and her bridesmaids’ favourite cocktail, this is sure to wow every couple and their guests at every drinks reception!

A quirky food station

Offering a quirky food alternative to the ‘midnight munchies’ will be hot this year. Find out if its sweet treats your couple crave or whether it leans more towards the traditions of the good old faithful ‘bacon bap.’ There is always a brilliant and alternative spin on displaying what they know and love, therefore enticing them and their guests at the end of the evening.

Donut wall and food station | Kelly Chandler Consulting

A way to share the ones that they cherish or have lost.

Every family has a story to share and loved ones whom they may have lost or are not able to join them on the day. Investing in something that the couples can sentimentally share with their guests will leave a lasting impression. For a little amount, purchase of a small selection of vintage frames to offer for the day that can display precious photos and memories for all to reminisce and enjoy.

Table of old framed wedding photos | Kelly Chandler Consulting

Its all in the little touches

Even the little details can make an impactful impression.  Staff addressing the couple by their first names for the duration of their stay with you is a lovely touch. Even knowing who the mother/father of the bride/groom are and making a point of saying hello and whether they are enjoying the day. These are things that stick, things that matter, creating a real wow experience that will ignite chat around the breakfast table the following morning.

Two ladies behind hotel reception desk | Kelly Chandler Consulting

Continue their celebrations

If guests are sharing a weekend experience with you, continue their memorable journey with a personal invite from the new couple to breakfast the following morning.

Subtly slot a handwritten message under each one of these guests doors informing them of the desired time the couple would like to meet and create yet another excuse to ‘get together’, share memories of the day before and their unforgettable experience with you as a venue.

Hand written note | Kelly Chandler Consulting

It’s all in the little personal touches that are operationally plausible for you as a venue.

Whether it be individually or collectively, these are sure to create a buzz amongst your happy couples and encourage them to share images amongst their audiences following their big day not only getting them to talk about you as a venue but recommend you.

Remember, another recommendation is another booking…..

Black and white image of wedding guests taking photos | Kelly Chandler Consulting

Are you keen to learn more about modern wedding trends and re-energise your venue’s offerings in 2018?  Get in touch for my Refine & Shine programme.

Image credits: Bridal Guide // Danielle Zeigler // Drinking Station // Creative events – // Hitched // Wedding and Wedding Flowers // The Evolllution // Oh So Beautiful Paper //  Adored Bride

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