Creating that powerful first impression with paper goods

Black calligraphy writing on a white envelope with calligraphy pen | Kelly Chandler Consulting

Vaishali Shah, founder of luxury stationery company Ananya Cards, creates and designs some of the most gorgeous stationery for wedding couples. In this blog, Vaishali will guide you through how you can create an amazing first impression with stationery designed to resonate with your couples and give that ‘WOW’ factor that takes venue appeal to another level.

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Ask Good Questions

I’m rather a big fan of face-to-face and there’s nothing like winning the opportunity to show couples your wedding venue possibilities via a show round or site visit. There is no greater chance than to leave them in no doubt you are the PERFECT venue for them.  I’ve written, Conducting a brilliant venue show round, for some…

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Why invest in wedding co-ordinator training?

Kelly Chandler Coach and Wedding Venue Trainer

Today’s film tackles the subject of training of wedding co-ordinators and the benefits of investing in this for great returns. 1. Hire for Passion, Train for Skill – this I wholeheartedly believe in. You can’t teach a passion and enthusiasm but I don’t think our industry is short of the enthusiasm, but it is short…

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