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26 November 2018

Consulting, Wedding venue marketing

Consulting, Wedding venue marketing

I think we all have the message that social media is VITAL in communicating our message to our millennial audiences of couples who spend an increasing amount of time on their smartphones researching and planning their wedding.  Year on year and month on month I’m hearing of more and more successes with effective use of social media. It’s becoming not just a brand-awareness marketing tool, but potential customers are sending direct wedding enquiries through their social media channels and choosing their channel of choice to contact their potential wedding venue with that valued potential sale.

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So I thought this month I’d shine some light on techniques, tips and tricks that I’ve picked up through managing my own social media and through some of my learnings from the various business and tech coaches I work with which may be useful to you in managing your own social media.

There are useful resources here that will not only save you time (very important for you venue teams, often small and with really big workloads) but give you the competitive edge, increase your reach and, even more importantly, help you engage better with your ideal customer.

People First

Do you know what type of posts get the best engagement, interaction, shares etc?  Time and again it’s those posts that show the people behind the business. Yes naturally a small owner-led business is going to have the greatest success with this but every company and team can gain a lot by showing the people behind the place.  Your wedding couple is often fascinated by the work that we do as events professionals working in special places and making weddings happen, so social media posts that focus on the pre-prep, planning meetings, meet the chef, tastings, meet the office team (including any pets who tend to pop in). This is all desirable and highly popular content that brings your brand to life. It helps your ideal customer engage with you, get to know what you have to offer and decide if that suits them and their wedding story.  Of course you still want to pay attention to the message that it sends out and have certain standards (keeping it professional and positive) but the more open and friendly you can be and really show your great people having fun planning weddings, so much the better.   

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Video and Live Stream

According to, mobile video usage has increased by nearly 10 million daily viewing minutes in the last two years.  And, Cisco projects that global internet traffic from videos will make up 82% of all consumer internet traffic by 2021.

I strongly advise incorporating video and live streaming into your social media content strategy – it’s so easy to record little clips not just of your venue but of your team in set up mode and some tips and hints direct to camera for couples on how they can plan their wedding effectively.  Don’t forget you have a wealth of knowledge to share and don’t forget to bring your extended team into that – your team of expert suppliers to plan live streams, interviews, social media take-overs and more – there is so much opportunity to really talk directly to your ideal customer with video/live stream and, whilst it’s scary at first (trust me I know), it’s a fantastic format to really build trust and confidence with the customer and help convert that sale more easily.

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When I consult for venue clients, social media is always part of it and one of the biggest concerns is how much time it all takes to plan and schedule enough content. I totally understand, however, here’s the big one, you need to repurpose and recycle and to absolutely get your money’s worth out of any piece of content and make it work for you.

This is particularly effective if you’ve written say a longer blog piece, you can then cut it down into various social media posts, mixing up the images and schedule that several times over. The same can be done across all your channels – ideally, you do not want the same content on each platform at the same time as it’s a bit dull but there is nothing to stop you scheduling similar content at different times to get maximum use from it.  One hugely important thing to remember is that it is only you who is reading ALL of your content – a typical follower will only catch a very small percentage unless they are a diehard fan so, whilst you might think you are repeating, most people will be reading content for the first time.

Do make your content work harder and, where things are seasonal, so long as they haven’t dated too much, you can use them in repeat years – don’t be afraid to revisit. You can, of course, use the likes of Recurpost to pre-schedule and automatically repost blog content across Facebook and LinkedIn.

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And to finish … A Tech Tip …

Have you heard of Linktree?

Instagram is most definitely the wedding industry platform of choice and I’m a big fan. However, it does not allow you post weblinks directly into posts (unless you have the swipe up feature given to accounts with a certain number of followers or for sponsored/advertised posts I believe, although this is constantly changing of course – tech sure does keep us all on our toes!).

HOWEVER, I recommend setting up Linktree on your Instagram account. It is a free tool and it allows you to set up a number of links to various web pages directly from your one Linktree link which you put under your Biography entry on your Instagram profile. I highly recommend, since brides are constantly scouring Instagram, that you set up your key wedding pages including your gallery, ‘about the day’ and more as links within your Linktree. Take a look at my Instagram account bio which shows the links under Linktree for my services and key web pages as an example.

Link to Instagram HERE

I hope you’ve found this useful. Looking at your venue’s social media presence forms just one part of my Refine & Shine consulting programme where I work with established wedding venues looking to take their venues to new heights and reach new goals. You can find out all about how this 6-month programme can work for you HERE:

Do get in touch if you’d like to schedule a discovery call with me to discuss if the programme is right for you and your venue –

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