Greenery Trend Alert – Savvy venues be aware! | Pantone 2017

Booking More Weddings At Your Venue

Booking More Weddings At Your Venue

Wedding trends change constantly and the most successful and endlessly popular venues keep up to date with trends, fashions and make smart choices as to where to adopt and incorporate them into their offer.

Today’s blog is about Pantone naming ‘Greenery’ as their colour of 2017 shortly before Christmas. You might say “so what?” – we leave the creative part of a wedding to the bride or her/our team of suppliers such as florists, cake designers and more. That’s most definitely true in many cases, but the smart money is on venues and their teams who work the latest trends subtly into their own offerings from the initial point of client contact and beyond.

Wedding Venue Consultant | Pantone 2017 | Kelly Chandler Consulting

Whilst the latest colour trend (whether it’s ‘Greenery’ or not) may not appeal to all, potential couples are very style conscious and very aware of trends – studying Pinterest is a rite of passage for every newly engaged (or even pre-engaged) bride.

So what is the latest colour trend sure to be big this year?

Pantone describes greenery as ‘a fresh and zesty yellow-green shade’, which is not to everyone’s taste. For some couples, greenery will only ever make an appearance within a bouquet, buttonhole or in a table centrepiece and for others, it may never feature at all. But there will be those who want to go the whole hog and follow this trend for 2017 and 2018 by making their wedding spaces and places very foliage filled and lush.

Wedding Venue Consultant | Pantone 2017 | Kelly Chandler Consulting

So, how can you adopt your understanding of the latest style into your venue’s offering; in order to show your trend-aware clients?

1. Look at the photos your website features and the colour palettes these show – do you have any close-ups of foliage you can update your website with or any weddings with lots of foliage or touches of green in the past, that you can bring to the fore. I know I planned some stand out zesty lime green weddings some years ago which I see being commented upon favourably by 2017 again. Couples love to see images which inspire them and which respond to what they are expecting to see – whilst they will invariably put their own spin on it but think what you can already show that ticks this trend box. That’s not say you should over-do it though – there’s no need to “go green” all over the place!

Wedding Venue Consultant | Pantone 2017 | Kelly Chandler Consulting

2. Are you planning any upcoming promotional events? If so can you style some of your areas to showcase this trend, can you design your invitations to incorporate this colour wave? This is especially relevant if you are an outdoorsy venue anyway, with beautiful grounds, outdoor spaces and features. Orangery-style light-filled locations, garden rooms, gazebos and marquees are likely to see ever more demand for dates than they already have (and they are some of the most popular spaces on the market anyway).

Wedding Venue Consultant | Pantone 2017 | Kelly Chandler Consulting

3. Showrounds – can you incorporate some ‘Greenery’ into your showround process? When you greet your couple, can you welcome them with lovely green leaves with their names written on as you offer them a glass of champagne? Can you have a stylish tree in a key location of your venue, holding testimonials written from past clients on little green/foliage inspired cards? Can you plan some greenery inspired edibles to give away? It’s the little touches that really stand out.

Wedding Venue Consultant | Pantone 2017 | Kelly Chandler Consulting

4. Add-ons– are there new little add-ons that you can offer/charge out to your couples who might be in love with this new trend? If you have a permanent marquee, how about over-sized foliage-filled chandeliers? How about wishing trees? I’d suggest a look at your furnishings such as chairs, tables and more. Greenery is likely to lead to more popularity in the wood-finish, rustic look furniture as well as anything vintage, recycled and paired-down and outdoorsy – do you have suppliers on your books who can supply and meet this demand? It’s vital to refresh and update your excellent supplier partners and each new trend is a chance to ensure you are working with the very best teams who can adapt and modernise the products they are offering.

Wedding Venue Consultant | Pantone 2017 | Kelly Chandler Consulting

If you’re inspired to know more about the Pantone Colour of the Year and would like to see our creative advice to couples on adopting this trend, then you might like to look at our wedding blog post here.

Thanks for reading.

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