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Marketing Your Wedding Venue

Marketing Your Wedding Venue

Today I’ve got a blog-takeover in action and you’re in the very fine hands of the wonderful Vaishali of Ananya Cards. Vaishali Shah and her team have their fingers on the pulse of all things design, creative and print; they certainly leave a mark with each of their lovingly crafted designs which are a joy to receive in the post.  As we know it’s harder and harder to stand out and make an impression in modern marketing so it’s important that you put effort into how you communicate, show your ethos and character whilst providing a special experience or lasting gift for your recipient. Here are Vaishali’s top 10 print ideas for your venue to consider investing in to elevate your brand….

Top ten list of print ideas to help a venue in their marketing

Every wedding venue needs to find interesting and creative ways to market themselves, stay relevant, and ahead of the competition. Here are ten suggestions of ways in which stationery can help your venue business stand out!

  • Have a beautiful photo card showcasing the venue. First impressions are everything, so choose your favourite wow-factor photograph, and make sure you highlight all the significant aspects, features, and benefits of the venue.Wedding venue Cardigan House | Kelly Chandler Consulting
  • Send the couple an invitation to the venue; this is your opportunity to learn exactly what they are looking for, and it’s your chance to explain all the reasons why your venue would be the right fit for their special day. This may be a time to include any extras that would clinch the deal.
  • Have a range of cute Mr. and Mrs. cards to show them as you serve them drinks, or have wedding themed coasters to put their drinks on. It all adds to the impression you want to create, and these added touches of individuality will really distinguish your venue.
  • Once the couple have chosen your venue, send them a hand written thank you card for booking with you. Written in calligraphy would make it special, and a lined envelope would take it up a notch – perhaps you could include the wedding date in the stationery detailing. Why not have lining specially printed that shows part of the venue, wallpaper, or an aspect you want to highlight – the card and lining will then complement each other and feel really unique.
  • Think about any small personalised gifts that suit your venue type. For example, as a barn and vineyard you could gift the couple some small bottles of wine or olive oil; you can have labels customised, favour tags calligraphied with their names, bottles wax sealed with a monogram, and much more.Olive oil | Kelly Chandler consulting
  • Help the couple by anticipating their needs. Send them a wedding planning booklet, notebook or jotter – handbag size. It could either be blank inside or with a check list of things to do month by month, printed on the inside. With a million things to remember, it shows forethought and understanding on your part of what the couple have to contend with, and they’re sure to remember how thoughtful you were when recommending you to friends or leaving you a heartfelt testimonial.
  • How about giving the couple some advice cards for their guests to share their pearls of wedded wisdom? It’s always a good idea to get the guests involved in the wedding, and it’s fun for the couple to read through all the comments!Wedding advice cards | Kelly Chandler Consulting
  • You can design some quirky and fun ‘do not disturb’ signs for the couple to hang on their suite door. Examples of wording could be “In wedded bliss…do not disturb”, “Just married…busy”, “Bride getting married” or “Welcome to our wedding”.
  • Remember to send the couple a wedding congratulations card a few days after their wedding.
  • Send them a first anniversary card. It’s important to stay in touch with the couple after the wedding is over – you can then reap the benefits of testimonials, referrals, and great feedback. Why not include a special gift or voucher – it could be for afternoon tea at your venue, or a special hamper.Happy anniversary card | Kelly Chandler Consulting

Marketing is all about staying connected with potential clients as well as those who sought you out and chose your venue rather than the competition – you want them to know that you remember them and that you treasured being part of their special day. If they’ve been happy with your services, they will have great memories of their day and will be happy to refer their friends to you.

Have questions on stationery design? Please contact Vaishali Shah at Ananya for more information.

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