Consulting programme for start-up wedding venuesPrepare To Shine

Consulting programme for start-up wedding venues

Understand wedding industry expectations, gain clarity on YOUR offering and prepare to succeed with confidence, know-how and sound strategy

  Do you own land or property or both, need to make more commercial gain from it, diversify your activity and explore new markets?

  • Have you heard talk about good profits to be had by becoming a wedding venue and are keen to explore if it’s right for you? 
  • Are you already getting your property ready to host weddings & events and need expert knowledge to understand your potential market and how to best deliver your offering to them?
  • Do you need practical expert guidance to get you underway with creating and launching your venue? 
  • Are you in your first few months and struggling to gain momentum and start booking weddings? 

You’reambitious ….

You’re successful, proactive, with a strong business background, a can-do attitude and a determination to succeed. Yet the wedding industry is not your area of expertise.  You’re keen to get up to speed fast on the wedding business so that you can move forward with greater confidence, make quick progress, avoid costly mistakes and ensure your property serves the discerning modern wedding market in the very best way possible to achieve great future commercial results and return on investment.

A completely bespoke consulting approach

We work in a bespoke way with you and your team (however small the team at this early stage) to increase your understanding of the modern wedding industry, how your property, land and facilities best fit into it, looking at the entire offering (or potential offering) with expert eyes to give you sound advice, background knowledge, proven strategies and industry connections for you to move forward and create a profitable extra income from hosting weddings.


From Our Clients

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Let's Talk

Do get in touch to schedule a complimentary Discovery Assessment where we can learn more about your outline plans, challenges and where you’re looking to get to.

Time for support

You might be tempted to “muddle through” when setting up your new wedding & events venture especially if you’re experienced in other sectors of business. We know that budgets are tight and there seem to be endless build, renovation and start up costs to factor in. It’s of course possible to “learn as you go” but this slows you down, results in frustration, often leads to “3 steps forward and 2 back” and at worst can damage your reputation within the tight-knit wedding industry before you’ve even begun.

You and your special location deserve much better than that.

The wedding market is incredibly fast-paced, certainly has its quirks and yet is a very worthwhile industry to be a leading light in. We can help you set inspiring standards and shine brightly from the outset in your own unique way.

get incontact

Do get in touch on 01483 282 858  or to schedule an initial complimentary Assessment to explore if our ‘Prepare to Shine’ consulting service is right for you and your location.




Valuable insight

Into the demands and expectations of the modern wedding couple, empowering you with knowledge to design your location in a way that ticks the boxes of those couples and gets them booking from the off


A clear strategy

A do-able & exciting action-plan for you to implement to get underway so that you take the consistent best steps to create your location, build your team and launch with confidence, giving you the best start to develop an outstanding and sustainable reputation


Effective connections

We’ll open doors for you & your venue with key wedding industry professionals and influencers to help launch your venue, kick-start your visibility and refer potential wedding couples to you

How It WorksPrepare to Shine – Consulting programme

Before booking

Clarity Assessment

An initial 45-minute complimentary Assessment with Kelly to understand your background and your story, your short and longer term goals and what you’re looking to get from our service at this time. 

Upon booking

Deep-dive session– up to 6 hours 

We spend time at your location, where we take a deep-dive into your current and planned spaces (in whatever shape), looking at logistical, aesthetic, budgetary and other factors to work through your wedding offering or offerings and target market.  We walk and talk and talk some more, looking at your aims & expectations, financial projections, market norms and trends, timescales, your unique venue challenges, launch ideas, marketing plans, staffing and more. The session is bespoke so is shaped very much to your needs with a razor focus always on getting your offering right for attracting your unique sector of the wedding market and delivering to today’s couples.

We are straight-talking, helpful and collaborative in nature with an entrepreneurial spirit and we want to see you thrive. As we talk we’ll share with you strategies, suggestions, wedding industry knowledge and our little white book of relevant contacts who can help you bring your new venue to life.


The Report

The follow- up report is an extension of our conversation, consideration following our meeting and is intended to become your ‘bible’ for serving the modern market and securing your successful position within in. This is bespoke for each client depending on needs but would typically include:

  •   Operational layout suggestions for best use
  •   Key required facilities to serve the modern wedding market
    (including any refurbishment/building plan ideas)
  •   Key advice on seasonality, timescales, bookings, payment terms
  •   Guideline price, packaging and competitor comparisons
  •   Ways of operating, staffing and supplier relationships
  •   Marketing strategy and spending
  •   Industry introductions and connections
  •   Outline Financial Projections

The report is presented approximately 2 weeks after the face to face session, with priorities clearly identified for you to implement and work through in your chosen timing.


Follow up sessions

We do our best work when we can continue to support and guide our clients, whilst being mindful that you need time to implement too. 

Prepare to Shine includes a 1-hour remote consulting session within one month of the report completion to help agree key priorities and refine the strategy. 

Additional support over and above is then optional: 

This follow up support service is designed to help you on an ongoing basis as you approach and work through the launch phase, as challenges and questions occur and to hold you and your team accountable for going ahead with key actions. 

This service includes 5 x 1 hour video/phone calls, with sessions to be taken within 6 months of the programme start and taken roughly once per month. 

A pre-session questionnaire is used to ensure you make maximum impact & progress from these sessions.

Voicenote support is available for speedy feedback in between follow-up sessions.


£4,300(plus VAT & travel expenses)

£1,600(plus VAT) for the follow-up sessions

NOTE ON Travel and Accommodation.
There is an element of travel cost included for all ‘Prepare to Shine’ programmes.
We waive travel costs for the first journey within a 90 minute radius of the consultants’ base.
Subsequent journeys are chargeable, as is accommodation where it’s needed.
We aim to keep costs to a minimum and will give an estimate at the start of each project.



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Take Action

Clients of ours report an immediate boost to their industry knowledge, confidence and determination as they are armed with a sound, tailor-made and achievable action-plan for great business results.

Let’s talk about how you can benefit from our ‘Prepare to Shine’ service and to see if we’re a good fit.