Monthly Access

£60.00 / month


There are no quick fixes (and I’ve never believed or advocated that) but I do know I can give you more.  

So to this goal, I have created Wedding Venues Rebuilding. This is a paid monthly-membership group, which will allow me to give you personal support within a smaller interactive community of venues.  

It includes:  

  •  A private members-only Facebook group with the opportunity to get your questions & concerns answered in detail by me alongside valued input from each other
  • A fortnightly 1 hour Zoom video session hosted by me, with other group members to share best practice, discuss concerns and strategies. 
  • A fortnightly LIVE training/commentary/advice piece by myself within the group (that you can watch on playback when it suits) 

For a monthly fee of £60 (plus VAT) you get all of the above on a pay as you go basis of one month at a time. There is no annual membership or minimum, it’s literally a rolling monthly arrangement which you can use to your heart’s content for the full month and cancel after that, no questions asked.

Terms and conditions of use for membership site.