Customer Delight with Kelly ChandlerBecause Happy Customers Spend More

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• For businesses ready to turn their customers into raving fans and brand ambassadors

• For brands wanting to leverage customer retention, client loyalty and the incredible power of peer referral

Customer Delight with Kelly Chandler gives you a step by step blueprint for growing your business, with the strategies and tactics to increase your profitability & success through the creation of high-level customer experience.

A one-day live online learning adventure where we unravel the latest in customer psychology, focus on building rapport and deepening relationships, engage with intuition as well as learn to employ the immense subtle tools at our disposal.

Together we’ll help you to form irresistible bonds with your customers, designing and delivering more compelling customer journeys for success. Activating desires and creating must-have responses leading to an expansion of sales, referrals, retained and repeat business.

Please note: Places are limited to ensure the interactive ambiance

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