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6 month consulting programme for established venues

Increase your enquiries, convert more wedding bookings & hit your goals.

You’ve got a great wedding location, but you’re not getting enough weddings through.

Are you:
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Disappointed by your current booking levels and wedding pipeline?
Seeing less enquiries, less conversions and a decline in the quality of your wedding bookings?
Wanting to uplevel, launch new products and offerings and reach new wedding markets?
Keen to fire-up your team and re-energise them with a massive confidence & knowledge boost and a clear strategy for growth?
throw open the doors
When you recognise that change is needed and open the doors to let in new possibility, magical things happen – just like they have for my other venue clients.

They were not seeing their desired results, unsure of how to attract the right volume & quality of bookings by embracing new techniques whilst still holding their values and heritage strong, and stuck in a treadmill of unfulfilling and insufficient bookings.
expert focus
With dedicated time and guided expertise to focus, open up and examine current ways of working, it’s amazing how new, fresh and improved ideas come to the fore leaving you and your team bursting with energy, confidence and practical know-how.

People notice the bounce in the step of each of the team members of my client venues; professionals proud of their wedding offering combined with the huge financial successes that 30+ new weddings annually has brought.

At the end of June 2018 we had 68 weddings booked in for 2019 as opposed to 30 at June 2017 for the 2018 year, so absolutely delighted with over 100% growth in the time we’ve worked together. Conversion stats are also looking good. Plenty of big Hothorpe weddings as well for which we have had to buy more dining chairs!’

Nicola Firth
Managing Director, Hothorpe Hall & The Woodlands

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time to refine & shine

I work in a bespoke way with you and your team to achieve YOUR best results. Together we’ll focus on increasing your bottom line by booking more and/or higher-end, quality weddings at your venue.

With fresh, expert eyes carefully highlighting and working with your unique venue features, refining in detail what you already do well, updating you on modern techniques and business strategies that are a good fit for you so that you can attract ideal couples.

Let’s look at new ways of putting your best foot forward to make your venue shine brightly in its rightful place. I’ll be there to guide you and hold you accountable as you implement and start to see results.

about Kelly

Kelly Chandler has been at the vanguard of the wedding industry since 2003, and grew her award-winning independent wedding planning business, The Bespoke Wedding Company, to become one of the UK’s most respected independent wedding and event planning companies. Through this she has worked in and worked with hundreds if not thousands of venues with her bridal customers front of mind. Kelly Chandler Consulting has developed organically from the demands of wedding venues regularly seeking Kelly’s sound business strategy, marketing and operations advice to improve their wedding offering.

Kelly is a well-regarded innovator, mentor, trainer and industry spokesperson on and in the wedding business, an ambassador for industry body, The UK Alliance of Wedding Planners, as well as a Judge for The Wedding Industry Awards. She’s passionate about helping special places and spaces achieve greater commercial success and happier customers through a range of services from one to one consulting, training, marketing events and more.

Our team delivered the same number of weddings this completed financial year compared to last but with a 20% increase in revenue, meaning that we're booking the quality of weddings that we desire, by applying Kelly’s strategy and vision in all that we do.

Claire Holland
Wedding & Events Manager, Waddesdon Manor

would you like to see if we’re a match?

Do get in touch to schedule an initial conversation via Skype or Phone Call ( where I can learn more about where you’re at and where you’re aiming to get to with your wedding venue.

time for change

The adage goes ‘if you always do what you always did, you’ll always get what you always got’ or more likely less. You’ll receive a bigger workload, less rewards, unhappy team members, poor staff retention and likely a dwindling wedding reputation.

You and your special location deserve much better than that.

The wedding market is an incredibly fast-paced one yet a very worthwhile industry to be a leading light in. I can help you set new inspiring standards that you’re proud to spearhead.

Do call 01483 282 858 to have an initial conversation about my ‘Refine & Shine’ 6-month programme, and how it can help you and your team increase revenue by booking more weddings of the right calibre.

Refine and Shine Service - 6 month programme
What you’ll gain:
A clear strategy
a do-able & exciting action-plan with fresh tried and tested ideas to elevate your venue’s offering

Empower your team
with confidence in their step, your team will take positive action in all of their communications
Valuable connections
we’ll open doors for you to fresh business opportunity in the wedding world

guidance & accountability as you implement and make change

How it works:

Refine & Shine - 6 month programme
Before booking:
An initial Skype ‘Discovery’ session to understand your background, short and long term aims and what you’re looking to get from the service.

Upon booking:

Preparation and Homework:
Upon confirmation we set you homework and preparation for the in-person session which gets you really focussed on your current offering and planning towards change. We do our homework too of course thoroughly reviewing all of your materials & assets for the session so we make the very best use of our time together.

The “Lets Dive In” in-person session:
A very thorough action-packed day with you and your team where we open up all aspects of your offering for review and refinement. This is a usually at least a 5 hour in-person session (but can be longer if we feel it’s needed) and the more you open up to me and let me into your wedding business, the more I can help.

Sessions are bespoke but generally include a:
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Review of venue facilities & operational layout with advice on any suggested adjustments, additions, renovations and physical improvements to ensure relevance to the modern bridal market
Review of the potential client showround/viewing process with suggested improvements to increase conversions
Review of existing wedding materials and detailed feedback on improvements to include website, electronic and/or printed brochure, initial enquiry presentation and follow up contact
Review of client sales journey process from enquiry to sign up including showround process to analyse its effectiveness, with suggestions for improvement
Review of marketing strategy/promotional budget spending and suggested revisions including social media review
Review of wedding packaging, pricing and presentation
Review of your recommended supplier list and advice on matching to your offering, introductions to fresh, spot-on suppliers to help drive business
Meaty report -
The follow- up report (delivered approximately 2-3 weeks after the “Let’s Dive In” session) is an extension of our conversation, the result of our findings from the session and our follow up consideration and goes into much detail upon our recommendations for best serving the modern market and making your venue shine brightly. When we’re in we’re in and we fully open up our considerable industry contacts and connections to you making relevant introductions to specialists to further develop and help if and where needed.
Follow up/Check-Up service -
To check how progress is going, hold you accountable, assist with any challenges, review materials and updates as well as refine next priorities.
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5 x 1 hour Skype/phone sessions scheduled approximately once per month over the course of the 6-month programme with pre-session questionnaires to ensure you make maximum impact & progress from these sessions
Programme Investment:
£6,250 (plus VAT)

Before we started working with Kelly, our wedding business was successful but somewhat "stuck in a rut". We were achieving but not over achieving and needed to look to the future and how we could shape our wedding business for the changing marketplace.

While we worked with Kelly, she helped us to look beyond our current audience, look in detail at our marketing and to think outside the box. Through making revisions to our marquee, online presence and valuable introductions to industry contacts, media, bloggers and wedding planners we have seen an increase in enquiries and a much improved conversion rate.

As a result of our work with Kelly, our weddings business is now set for the future, more attractive to potential clients and we have already an increase of around 20% on our confirmed bookings.

Kelly is a pleasure to work with, she is down to earth, honest and has amazing ideas and proposals that don't cost the earth but make a significant difference to a venue.

Nicki Thomas
Head of Events, Chiswick House & Gardens Trust

I like to make the ‘Refine and Shine’ programme accessible to a range of established venues whether you operate 10 weddings a year or 200. The more weddings you host and the larger the team however, the greater support you may need which is why I have introduced Refine and Shine Signature following customer demand. Here’s what you gain IN ADDITION to all of the above included components:
// Wedding Day Review + Report
My attendance on a typical wedding day from set up to wrap up to review how your team operates the wedding day and look for areas of improvement to better customer experience and the streamlining of your ways of working or a combination of both to help make you be the best that you can possibly be.
// Wrap Up In-person Session + Final Report
The final of the series of 5 Skype/phone sessions above is in-person instead of remotely and takes in a longer 3 hour review period allowing us to review each aspect of the offering identified at the service start and the considerable progress made since in terms of financial and other successes with the entire team. We also set powerful goals together for the next 6-month period.
// SHINE Online Training Platform
You gain lifetime access to our SHINE Online Training Platform for wedding venue teams. Over 4 hours of content dedicated to helping you grow your wedding venue delivered via video modules and workbooks – ideal for sharing amongst the team including new starters to bring them up to speed on the wedding market, develop their knowledge and confidence to help them sell & deliver to couples with ease.
Programme Investment:
£8,895 (plus VAT)
NOTE ON Travel and Accommodation
There is an element of travel cost for all Refine & Shine programmes. We waive travel costs for the first journey within a 90 minute radius of our Surrey-base, subsequent journeys are chargeable as is accommodation where it’s needed. We aim to keep costs here to a minimum and will quote at the start of each project.

Regular clients of mine have reported an uplift of 20 bookings per year (some more) over the past 2 years I’ve consulted for them on key marketing projects , the investment paying for itself time and time again therefore!

Let’s talk about how you can obtain the same sort of impressive results –
click here to line up a call.

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To read about the bridal photo shoot featured above and the dream team who created it with me, please click here…

As a result of our work with Kelly, we have managed to freshen and modernise our offering. We have noticed a considerable upturn in conversion rate with 50% of visiting couples now booking the Fort (at the end of 2017 this was more like 20%).

This resulted in achieving our best sales month in the history of Polhawn Fort in January 2018. As a result of this increase in bookings we received deposits of £30,000 above our sales targets which negated any reservations we had about the cost of instructing Kelly.

Sarah Turpitt
General Manager, Polhawn Fort

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